Integration into mainstream delivery

This strand operationally extends strands 1 and 2 of the previous NESP project, specifically concerned with ensuring continuity of provision for detainees at MCTC Colchester as they a) transfer to the mainstream custodial estate or b) are discharged to their home communities. The provider (Shaw Trust) will continue to enrol suitable detainees from MCTC and link them into the national CFO resettlement programme. However, whilst the initial period centred upon MoD and MoJ developing suitable processes, agreeing protocols and implementing the strands, this phase will focus on integrating these into mainstream processes.

The project team will look at ways to sensibly and sensitively support veterans into the CFO resettlement programme which operates nationally across custodial and community sites and is particularly focused towards offenders with complex support needs, as well as general resettlement provision and support accessed via the Community Rehabilitation Companies and the National Probation Service.