Implement programme of support for ViCSO role

Prisons across England / Wales should have a nominated Veterans in Custody Officer (ViCSO). However there are inconsistencies; a) not always in place, b) huge variance in skills level and understanding of the cohort, and c) not enough time and/or resource given to carry out the role effectively. This strand would raise the profile of the role, lobbying to ensure each prison had a ViCSO in place and operationally it would offer: training to ensure consistent knowledge and skills; improving data capture via P-nomis (prison system) and n-Delius (probation) to better identify numbers and location of veterans;

a dedicated SPOC (single point of contact) to raise concerns; best practice events and regular forum to share experiences; nominated regional champion/lead roles; national sponsoring Governor to provide senior buy-in; links to officer recruitment and training; external support and links to networks including COBSEO; development of guidance and operating protocols; offence specific support; post-custody support/links and a shared Trello noticeboard on HMPPS intranet providing access to guidance notes, discussion forum, automated referrals to resettlement providers etc